Friday, June 4, 2010

Scam Artists

"Love is whatever you can still betray. Betrayal can only happen if you love." - John LeCarre

Let the last week be a lesson for all the sweet, honest, hard working people in the world. Remember there is a reason why certain people get left behind and years later when they go out of their way to find you again, don't let them back in. I've heard the stories and watching the E! True Hollywood Story about how after someone wins the lottery all their long lost relatives and former friends come out of the woodwork for their piece of the pie.
I have learned my lesson for the final time. While it's a nice thought to think that people actually grow up the older they get, it would appear in this case I was conned by a couple of scam artists. Their intentions were far from pure and in the end the only person to get hurt was I, the nice, wholesome, successful sweetheart. Thankfully there will never be a third chance to betray my trust and take advantage of my generosity and caring personality.
Before you judge a book by it's cover, you should get your facts straight and be capable and wise enough to understand the words in front of you. There have been a number of reasonable questions asked to JSR and company recently and unfortunately instead of having a Golden Dick and acting like an adult, all we have heard are petty excuses and Jerry Springer accusations. Again, I will point out that if our story were fictional, why do you (wife) care so much? But, by stating to everyone in cyber land that you and JSR are husband and wife you have not only been caught in a lie, your minor answers again differ from the facts.
You are so angry at this blog, and me for what? Not only were there multiple email requests send to JSR last year simply asking for a more satisfactory answer. All of which went unanswered, but again in April of this year, shortly after starting this blog (remember there is more than one) there was another email sent to JSR and once again no answer. Funny how, the second you felt hurt and betrayed you were no longer deaf or blind to our words. Unfortunately, your wishes will absofuckinglutely NEVER be a thought in our minds as we move forward. Just as my wishes were NEVER a consideration in your silent treatment. Unlike you we have been more than polite and briefly responded to your questions and concerns, but no more.
JSR may have been only a small part of Love Bites before, but thanks to the recent interest he and his small entourage of asshole cowardly friends will forever be a fixture in the Love Bites world.
For the last couple months I have been going on about someone who I first called MF, then Mr. Big and most recently Jackass Sewer Rat (JSR) and Golden Pussy but now that we are putting him in the Love Bites archives I think Jackass Sewer Rat is more appropriate. Always has been, always will be. (Sorry, I don't sugar coat the truth) Oh, but don't worry, as a consolation prize, Mrs. MF (wife) and friends will also be getting a file in the archives. But, I think we should rename them Dumb and Dumber.
Have a fabulous weekend everyone!
Kate Harper (aka MV)

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  1. LMAO. So true. You are definitely the lucky one. Was just reading the most recent posts and I'm a bit puzzled is CF (the wife) really as stupid as she sounds? For someone who is forty something she is acting like a jealous teenager. Clearly she was terrified of you and to embarrassed to admit it. But, then again her loser of a husband doesn't even have the balls to stand up to her or tell you the truth.


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