Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Answer to Why?

You are right, the answer to why never repairs the broken trust or for that matter really explains what happened. It's unfortunate that the answer to why comes at the last minute and with false pretenses. As a last resort in hopes of making the new pain go away.
I had been dying for the answer to the simple question why? For months now and yet the bullshit answer I received no longer matters to me. It's funny how in the comfort of my own home I was able to get the sweetest form of closure. I hate that it had to come to this, that if it weren't for a click of a button there never would have been an issue. The nicer a person is the more likely they are to get stepped on. When the tables are turned and the person who had been behind the cause of the initial emotional pain is now the one dealing with the aftermath of being blindsiding, it's interesting to see how they react under pressure.
Looks like I pissed off JSR enough to get him to come out of the sewer. But at last, he is still too afraid to say his real name. I'm still amazed how it all went so wrong. How a friendship could have ended so, so poorly. A complete 360 and yet still no real reason for the hostile words. I didn't do anything. I was not the one who caused pain. That was your decision and yours alone. It was also your decision to not politely tell the person who had been nothing but nice why? That was all I had ever asked for. I had made my peace before and stated that from the beginning. I was happy for you. But, this is my life and whether you agree with the public forum I have decided to use to express my feelings or not, it doesn't matter now.
None of it makes sense. Why be angry with me? There never had to be a situation. The level of brutal hatred for one other is puzzling. I wasn't asking for much. A simple answer to a simple question. Whether my words on here have now got you in hot water is unfortunate, but again it never had to get to this. I truly wish it hadn't.
You don't scare me, but perhaps I terrify you. I'm not afraid of speaking my mind, asking important questions and if I hurt a few people’s feelings along the way that's unfortunate. But, then maybe they never really were my friends to begin with.
It's funny how you say because I was successful that you decided to find me. Does that mean if I were just another average Joe working for the man you wouldn't have wanted to be my friend again?
Again, I will say that I was and still am (if you can believe it) truly happy for you and your family. I will never know what happened that day, but I believe everything happens for a reason.
Sublime Happiness of a Guarded Heart


  1. MV, I'm so impressed that you created this venue as a release for your frustration. Not only is it illuminating and entertaining for us, but it is also healing for you. You got your answer in the form of verbal abuse and you got to see their true colors. What started out as a peaceful protest to an uncontrolable situation has turned into a shit throwing competition that is unproductive. I'm really happy that now you can move on. People attack when they are cornered and threatened. Do yourself a favor and keep your standards high by taking the high road remaining the sweet, mature, hugely successful woman that we all know and love. Proud of you!

  2. I am just now reading all of June's blogs and the ending of May's since I was sick and all I can say is OH MY GOD!! I'm sorry but people seriously need to grow up. And I do not mean you, Kate... The Wife seriously needs to stop her crap already... No one ever mentioned JSR's name so no one really knew who he was. But then comes this lady and its like wtf?! Shes just plain annoying already with all her comments.. As for you - I really hope you doesnt stop writing. And I hope this drama goes away for you. You all deserve extreme happiness and people need to give it a rest. Everyone has diff ways of dealing with rude and childish breakups, Love Bites is yours... So The Wife needs to build a bridge over that one and get the hell over it already...

  3. Thanks for the support guys. Looks like JSR and company have returned to the graveyard. Guess speaking the truth was too much to ask for.


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