Thursday, May 20, 2010

Where's Waldo?

It's feels like forever since I last wrote. I'm so excited that the Love Bites inner circle has gained a male perspective on dating and love. I'm still in shock over how quickly our little Facebook page has grown. The pressure is on now to live up to our promises and deliver the goods.
I've never believed in the word "no" and when someone tells me I can't succeed at something I then give it two hundred percent and make it my goal to show them that not only can I accomplish the job, but that I can do it way better. In the back of mind I have to constantly remind myself why I started this blog to begin with and what the end goal is. Every day that passes is one day closer to the finish line and I have no idea what to expect. The last few weeks have flown by and I've met some great people thru Love Bites and the blog. One person may have tried and temporarily succeeded at crushing my dreams, but then I met this "army" of strangers who have become my protective shield against the big bad wolf. Some dreams may have been broken, but grander ones are within reach.
In a sea of average Joes and rock star wannabes, how can you tell the good seed from the sewer rats?
Thru my recent dating disasters I have come to realize that the more I think I understand a guy the less I actually know. While I don't like to stereotype people, at this point I'm truly starting to believe that any man who wears a suit and tie to work is a coward or an ass. I have more respect and interest now in those who don't work in cushy jobs or have big offices. For instant, bartenders (99% of which are gorgeous and mysterious. This isn't to say that they won't break your heart, but there is a better chance they at least know how to have fun and wine and dine you), chefs (same philosophy for bartenders is typical of chefs. Some are major players, others want a traditional white picket fence family), retail sales associates (bonus discount on fabulous clothes, but it probably won't last). I guess you could say I have a thing for those in the hospitality industry. If they get paid to be nice to people and go above and beyond people's expectations everyday then presumably their work ethic will transfer to their personal life.
It's a thought, which brings me back to finding Waldo in a sea of lying and cheating sewer rats.


  1. would'nt it be awesome if you could look at someone and just know who they are, how they are weather they are a player or somone that wants the white picket fence. Life would be so much easier!!!!

  2. Absolutely, but then what fun would life be.


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