Monday, May 24, 2010

Sucker Punch

I just got sucker punched, if I am to believe what The Man just wrote in response to my questions surrounding my relationship with JSR. In summary he believes that once I started seeing John, JSR gave up on me as relationship material. Guess I didn't get that memo. Is this truly a sliding doors moment from the past. Viewing a life once lived from a different perspective. Had I said yes to the job in Naples would I be Mrs. MF now?
Drinks? Yes please and keep them coming. I don't believe our lives are set in stone, so I don't completely agree that whatever we were is finished forever. I do believe that for right now, he has moved on and I'm trying to.
Perhaps, you're right in regards to the past, but when I pick apart every conversation JSR and I had last year they were extremely different from the previous reconnections. He genuinely seemed interested in my life, he was complimenting me on the business, he apologized for his past wrongs, mentioned he was looking forward to visiting me when the family came north in the spring, he was overly interesting in my condo search in Miami and my whereabouts when I was visiting. He was nervous when we met, "Hey stranger," is about all I can remember from that blurry day.
So Mr. Man, if I meant nothing to him, then was all this merely an attempt to butter up my ego in hopes I would spread my legs?

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