Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Man's View

Well, I am not sure how to start, but here goes. After reading "Love Bites" I contacted one of the writers and asked if they wanted a different perspective. I know what you are thinking "a man" ohh no! But, let me introduce myself. I am a thirty-six year old, never been married, some say attractive, self employed, makes decent money, educated man. I am in the same boat as all of you except with the male’s perspective.
At first I thought it was a great idea to share my side of the dating nightmare, but while lying in bed thinking of writing, I remembered that most of you were female. I feel like I may be throwing myself to the sharks for a feeding frenzy, but if I can help one of you understand why things didn't work out it will be worth it. I might even be able to learn from you.
Let's just call me "The Man"; I will be sharing information that breaks all "man laws". I will show you that if you have a guy as a friend, he always has other intentions in the back of his head, especially if you use him to ask questions about the relationship issues you are having. You women have gone to each other for years, asking "What did I do wrong?” "Why didn't he call?" “Should I have slept with him?” "Does he really care?” Well to be honest, you don't know that answer! In order to understand a man, you must think like a man. What could possibly be better than having an "insight" into what we really think and why we do the things we do. Let's face it, you need me!
I will try to update you with my past relationships, dating tips, and what not to do. Some of you may hate this/me; others will realize I could be the best thing that ever happened to you. So, lets get this thing started and quit complaining about being single.
The Man


  1. dude, don't give them too much info..they might not be able to handle the

  2. We are also misled and really only "think" we know what they want. I know that some of the things I let them know may hurt their feelings, have them wanting to kill us, but if it makes a few realize we are not all dirtbags/losers,it will help us.So many of us make mistakes cuz we think we know, why not learn from them too?
    The Man


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