Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Q & A with The Man

This may be a bit painful, but very true.
Hello M, sorry I havn't spoken to you until this point. Well, I sure wish I had a highlighter to just show you the answers to the questions you've written. This was only your side of the story and it's right there in front of you.
Whew!! ok, let me calm down for a sec..........Ok, 1st he lived in Florida and you lived in NY.
Did he ever go to see you?
If not, here goes first sign.
Second, you and him saw each other from time to time for a week or more? Did you have sex the first time you came to Florida?
If it was the first night, second reason. While you were visiting your "friend with benefits", you started dating someone else (John who you later married). Ding Ding, that's not good on any level, especially when you live so far from each other. He was uncapable of defending what he may have wanted..No guy will ever say (in a girly voice) no don't date someone else! Once you did that, HE GAVE UP ON YOU!! You became his FUN...nothing more, nothing less. Women, if you really want us to be with you, trying to get us jealous WILL NOT WORK!!! and you've lost all chances of "relationship or wife material" we don't want someone who gives up.Neither do you.When he told you he was jealous, he really was jealous.When we tell you something like that, we mean it....listen to what we say.
Here are your answers and I apology for not sugar coating them.

1) What was my label?
You were possible GF material at first.But you need to be tested to see if you could handle the distance apart.

2) Did he ever love me or at least think of me as someone more than a friend with benefits?
At first no. Then yes after time, but as soon as you started dated someone else, he gave up.Now you are a booty call, that's all! It only takes one mistake for us to move on, unless you have trouble meeting or dating women.

3) Why was I never girlfriend or wife material?
On the phone and on the computer, he loved the idea..In person you were a possible GF but if he never went to see you...Nope, never.. Sorry but I'm honest.

4) Why did he find me again, especially given that he was married?
There are many reasons why we look to the past. Trouble in our present relationship, sex was better, talk was better, just needed advice, dont want to burn the bridges or exactly what you did AFFAIR!!! We don't want you if we have you like that...it's fun, thats all. If you did it to him, you would do it to us. Plus, you cant say SHIT!

and most importantly;

5) Why did he want to meet and why did he introduce me to his wife and new child?
To show you what you could have had...He cared about you til you dated someone else.

He will never be yours, he has moved on. The only thing you are to him now is the memories of great times you've had.You have no reason to be mad at him from what I read, unless somehow I read it wrong..You dated someone else.......got married...what did you want him to do??? wait for you? run to the alter and say "STOP THIS WEDDING, I LOVE HER" HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, stop watching movies.I am in no way trying to be mean, just seeing things for what they are.
The Man

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