Monday, May 31, 2010

Bar Ballet

I might not know much about the mind of a man, but I get the feeling that men are just as, if not more confused about the opposite sex. Women tend to be more emotional and vocal about what they want in a man, which typically backfires and the man runs away. Acting too needy, being to independent, successful, out spoken will frighten a few as well. Be yourself, that's what everyone says, but for those of us who don't wake up looking like Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt, we probably won't attract the person of our dreams with bed head or sweats. First impressions in the blink of an eye can tell us so much about a person, whether it's accurate or not.
Mc Dreamy volunteered to drive me to the airport this morning, he walked me to the terminal and we said our goodbyes. It was rather emotional, which is funny given we basically just met. He said he would call me later and he did. We talked on the phone for an hour, but at last we had to say goodbye.
After landing in New York City and unpacking I took a walk around and found myself at a chic looking cafe with open windows and a sidewalk patio packed with a mix of college age kids, young couples and married families. I sit down at the intimidating bar, with it's glass mirrors, copper frame, gothic chandeliers over head and order a house cocktail, Black Velvet, a after dark version of a mimosa the bartender said. Blackberry liquor and puree mixed with sparkling wine. Yummy. As I sat and people watched I began to wonder who all these people are, what they do for a living, what brought them here to this restaurant tonight. Based on their appearances and brief bits of over heard conversation I make up assumptions about their life and personality. It's a rather fun game to play if you are ever out for drinks alone.
For instance, a woman wearing a pound of makeup and all dolled up as a walking billboard for a designer, are wannabes, they want your money and they are high maintenance and have low self-esteem. Conservatively dressed women, can go either way, but typically they are incredibly boring in conversations. The quiet girl at the end of the bar, she is the wild card. She is classy and mysterious, but if read wrong may appear like a diva. She is a free spirited, independent woman who knows what she wants and isn't afraid to go after it.
The chase to find tonight’s one nightstand is like watching the ballet. Suitors trotting over to the newest meat, the polite and ideal chit chat, the fake laughter at cheesy jokes, drinks, more drinks, flirting, touching, more ideal chit chat. The next morning waking up in a stranger’s home, doing the shame walk back to reality.
Thankfully I have a seemingly great guy in my life now.

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