Sunday, May 30, 2010

Dream Girl

Lets go back to "the one"...

Thursday: we talked for several hours about what we would plan for our Friday night date/meet; we decided to keep things simple and go for a few drinks & appetizers. She picked an Italian restaurant close to her house. I didn't mind the drive; it actually (usually) helps me relax on the way there.
Friday: I knew I had a busy workday ahead of me but I wanted to make sure things would be perfect. We texted & talked back and forth most of the day. I was nervous, she was nervous. This was not like me at all. It's just another date, I thought to myself, but it just seemed we had so many things in common. My day was hectic to say the least, it rained, my phone died a few times and I had so much to do when I got home (shower, shave, and manscape just in case). As the hours of the day seemed to just fly bye, I realized my bank was closing very soon...Holy crap!! I have twenty bucks in my pocket!!! I needed to hurry or my plans were ruined! I made it to the bank with two minutes to spare. I proceeded to get ready, but nothing seemed to look good this day. I must have worn those clothes a hundred times with no issues before, but today was different. I looked to see the time and I had to make my final decision. Done! Well, I'm out the door, like it or not. As I was driving the questions in my mind were racing "hope I like her", "hope she likes me", "will I set a good first impression"," did I choose the right things to wear?” Too many things to think about as I chugged my Red bull. (Bad idea).... The drive was horrible, my stomach was turning, I began to sweat, and feeling of sickness and being lightheaded came upon me. I was within ten minutes when she stated she would be there soon as well.
The place was packed, but somehow things were just falling in place. I got a front row parking spot just as she was pulling up. I walked towards her knowing the first impression was everything. WOW!! She was everything I expected, and I assume I was to her as well, as she almost jumped on me with that huge hug and kiss. We had an amazing night together, I didn't want it to end, but knew we had made plans for tomorrow as well. Here the journey of is this "the one" begins.
The Man


  1. Devils's AdvocateMay 30, 2010 at 9:30 PM

    Always be yourself, never pretend to be something you are not. Some day the real you will be exposed...success with your next date.

    Devil's Advocate

  2. Bravo, nicely said, your note today is really romantic, the rush, the redbull, the parking space, it all makes you who you are... tell us how the story ends, is it a good ending or not... Well you said you were single so I guess it didnt end well. What luck I have, to think there is "the one" out there like your story says. "The one" requires a sacred word which is honesty... but to add to your blog, that one is really hard to find. Sometime people think they found the right one and they they actually might have but "NOTHINGS PERFECT" like the fortune cookie says. Its like being sucker punched, when you walk up to a fight that requires a bell and the boxer swing before the ding!

  3. Thank you.There was so much more to the story that arouse my feelings to the point they were at.I am just so done with the mind games we play back and forth.I think I have a good understanding and am willing to accept the differences between men & women, but there is so much I will never understand.I will be adding the second & third (if there is a third) parts to the story soon.


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