Friday, May 28, 2010

Union with Hell

I get it. I finally get it. All this time I had been going over those last minutes wondering what I did wrong. Did I have on too much makeup? Was I overdressed? Did I say the wrong thing? It was never what I did wrong. I didn't do anything wrong, except get brainwashed with his mind games again. Every time I see his piercing dark chocolate eyes I immediately have flashbacks to our once hot and steamy affair. In the end thou JSR is no tiger, he's a cowardly lion. So Mr. Man, you are right, I was great! And now well I'm pretty fucking fabulous! lol
Life is a roller coaster. Some days you feel on top of the world and others like you hit rock bottom. I can't believe The Man feels bad for spilling the brutal truth of the situation. I thought all men were bulletproof and all women were easily breakable. Bruised, but definitely not broken in my case.
Society has formed rules in regard to what a traditional marriage is to be. But, can anyone honestly tell me that their objective for life is to find a man, have kids, and settle down. Where every day, every action, every activity is scheduled or routine. There is comfort and a sense of accomplishment from creating a family and a home. But, if society thinks that becoming a couch potato and ordering in Chinese or pizza every night is what I hope to find in a partner, I've got news for you I am not traditional in any way.
Diamonds maybe a girls best friend. But, why do we believe that a ring on your left hand is the only way to justify a union? It feels more like a restrain. As if without this simple piece of bling, you might cheat. Unless you plan on surgically attaching the band to your hand, there isn't a whole lot one can do to guarantee the jewelry is accounted for. Are we all so terrified of growing old alone? Of not conforming to what the world believes to be true?
To me the definition of marriage is a union with hell. Why can't we all just live in sin? You would save a lot of money and time. Marriage in the traditional sense involves an engagement ring, a lavish party, another piece of bling, children, no sex, jealously, fights, waking up every day for the rest of your life (you realize that's a shit load of years) next to the same person (even if they become an Italian Surprise). If Big and Carrie seem to have lost the lust and spark then we are all doomed after "I Do." I realize that the honeymoon can't last forever. That overtime the comfort of the mundane sometimes becomes more appealing as we age, but I've never been good at corporate bs and I rarely swim with the current.
A perfect marriage for me, requires no lavish party, no license, lots of sex, trust, shopping without guilt and spontaneous actions. I love jewelry so if you want to include a diamond ring in that list, please do, but remember I am not traditional and neither should be the ring. Are you writing this down J?

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