Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Anonymous Cyber Wall

So I guess I'm not as anonymous as I would like to be. For most of you out there in cyberspace, you don't know who I am and probably never will, but for the rare few who actually know me, my words speak for themselves. I've been confessing my sins and intimate thoughts for the world to read and I suppose some secrets are better left in the graveyard.
I don't intend to permenently leave the Love Bites circle, but I think I need to go under the radar for a bit and focus on the book. Today, I created another blog, because apparently one blog, a facebook and twitter account weren't taking up enough of my time. Oh and there is that annoying thing called a job that occupies a good portion of my day too. In time, I would like to let everyone in on the secret, but for now I just need some me time to process the last couple days and months. I'm not gone. I will still be posting on Love Bites from time to time, but for now I think SP and The Man should have the floor.
I have accomplished what I had hoped to from this blog. JSR no longer consumes my thoughts. I will never forget him or the cliffhanger ending, it will forever be tattooed in my mind. But, then there are a lot of puzzling things in life that I may never get the answer to. Life will never be as it once was and I'm thankful for this now. Everything happens for a reason and this serendipitous new life path is the most fabulous ending possible. I feel so lucky to have been this opportunity and gift.


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