Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The One?

I am so excited. I haven't felt like this in a while. Let's go back to last week... I was online checking all the emails from the dating sites and still nothing from the ones I really wanted to meet. I was almost at the point of giving up! When I thought to myself, screw it! I just wrote the few I really thought I would like to meet one last note. I also added my phone number in the message and stated, "I really want to meet you, I'm tired of the messages and if you are serious about meeting and really want off of these sites." Well, not sure I should have written four letters and given the number to each.
Monday morning 8am: Good morning, I am so glad you gave me your number, I thought you only wanted to chat, now I see you are serious. Ohhh yea! She called!! I was very happy until 8:20: hey there sexy, amazing! I thought you would never be interested in someone like me. Wow!!! Now what am I going to do? Ok, I thought maybe a daytime meeting (just to see) if I "click" with either one. Then 9am: good morning, this is ********* from @^#$@%$#@$% how are you today? OHHH NOOOO!!! now 3?????? My mind was racing, confused on my next move. I start with a few questions for each of them, some answers better than others. One I can tell only wants a "hook up" or "friend with benefits" not bad, but only if the other two don’t work out. Yea, I said it, I'm a guy and if you let me go to the "candy store" for free, you better believe I'm going to do it. Plus I have a sweet tooth. Here goes the shocker: The one (Drop dead gorgeous) I was AMAZED she called, beautiful, smart, business owner, same likes, born the same month, and same day. WHAT!!!!! I have never dated someone of the same sign! And much less the SAME EXACT BIRTHDAY!! I can't believe it! I am not one of those horoscope people, but I just happened to look. To even more my amazement, we were "the perfect match", "could solve all the worlds problems together", and best of all, "never fight".
I am beginning to get those little butterflies. Could this be "the one"? "Where should I take her", "what do I wear?” "Haircut or no haircut", "buy new shoes”,” go to dry cleaners”. WAIT!! SLOW DOWN!! Don't get your hopes up; maybe you should listen to your own advice. So my mind and me have been in a constant battle all day! Yes, ladies we are like you in so many ways also. Sometimes we need to relax and take the ride, which knows where this will go. Maybe somewhere I have always dreamed about, maybe not. Let’s get to reality, I have only seen photos, exchanged emails, talked on the phone and figured out that we have the exact same birthday. Is this a sign? Maybe. Only time will tell.
The Man

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