Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Waking Up In Vegas...Married

There was no cheesy romantic, knee bending moment. Instead J jokingly proposed marriage to me while talking online one night. I laughed it off at first, but then I got to thinking. This could quite possibly be the best relationship ever. We talk everyday, we are great friends and since we don't see one another in person that often when we do it will never be boring. The mystery of not knowing everything about his day and the distance will make the heart grow fonder.
In life, I'm either all in or nothing. If I like something I don't just buy one, I'll buy one in every color. But, in my defense, potential husband number two is nothing like my previous exes. I'm sure everyone says this, but really he isn't. He is a divorcee too, a workaholic, career driven, money in the bank, but still likes to play, funny guy. I should also mention that we don't currently live in the same state, nor do we plan to any time soon.
Do we love each other? No. Lust? Yes. Flirt? Everyday. Romance? There are sparks. I love you? Anything is possible and I'm having a wicked fun time seeing what happens next.
Life is starting to return to normal. A new normal. With each word, sentence, blog entry I can feel the pieces of my puzzle slowly getting put back into place. I look at the world, differently these days. The once naive and shy girl has evolved into a tiger. I'm guarded with my words, my actions, my thoughts, but nonetheless I know that I must move on, whether I want to or not. Precise time is wasting away. I can't change the past or the present, but I can change the future.

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