Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Q & A Part 2

You are very welcome..I am sorry to be the barer of bad news.I think personally, I would have offered to come to you without asking, it shows that I care. I think he liked the idea you came to him, and since he stated he wanted "no strings/ baggage" he told you exactly what he wanted. In a way, you should have given up on him at that point, but it's tough I know! Guys usually don't want friends, especially if we have slept with them in the past. I have a bunch, but that's because I have always been honest from the start..There are women who are "fun" and some for relationships. I might have slept with you also on the first date after all the talks and emails, but its hard to hold back those feelings. But, so many women think cuz we sleep with you, we are in a relationship. We had sex, not made love...big difference (at least for me). And no, if you slept with him right away it was his choice to make whether you were "gf material" or not. But, I personally do not sleep with gf material on the first date or at least try not too..so much changes after sex, you cant take it back. I buy gifts for those I have feelings for. It shows affection and is easier than saying something sometimes, words say it all though.
His wife was fine with you until she met you in person and saw how much you had to offer. You were great! Had everything going for you, 14 yrs younger, and once his gf. She read you somehow..maybe your posture I don't know.
He is so scared to admit to you he really cares about you, cuz honestly what can he do about it now..I think he was hurt and can't get over that pain. It is easier to block someone out than to explain at times..were your fights heated? If so, that may be why. Men are strange, we want what we can't have...and what is easy to obtain, we don't want. We are in the middle..a little battle, but get what we want. You were what he wanted I think..but since he stated no strings, he's more into just fun while it lasts.You are much better off.
The Man

What a sappy hallmark moment. I love it.!! Thanks Man. All I've ever wanted to hear was that he cared about me, maybe loved me, nothing more, nothing less. Isn't it funny how a complete stranger very well may had given me all the answers to questions I so desperately was looking for from JSR. For the first time, I feel at peace with JSR, but I'm still going ghost hunting.
Thanks again,

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