Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Devil's Advocate

So I've been walking around today with this smile on my face, like I'm in on the secret. But, then I was thinking back to The Man's first blog and his comment that all guys (unless they are gay) are always thinking about sex. That Harry and Sally can never "just be friends." So then, Mr. Man, does this mean all the some what sweet things you said about JSR being scared to tell me his true feelings, etc, that I should be taking your words with a grain of salt, because in the end even you, The Man, just want to sleep with me?
Even me, the most anti girly girl is still a sucker for The Notebook. All women fantasy about that moment when the man of your dreams bends down on his knee and says "You're the one" or being brought into Tiffany's (like in Sweet Home Alabama). It's the Cinderalla dream, but I realize it's just that a dream. What is more realistic is the sorted love affair of Big and Carrie. That moment, years later, when Big finally, finally realizes Carrie was "the one" all along.
Is it ever to late? If you really were over the top in love with someone, you would find a way to be with them. Once you bring children into the picture thou life and love becomes much more complicated.
There is still and always will be a part of me that is holding out hope, that one day we will meet again. Even after all the bullshit and trauma, I still care deeply for him. I couldn't tell you why, but I do know this, he is the only man I have ever met who truly gets me.
I think we all have different sides to our personalities. There is the sweet, polite one we show to our family. The corporate, bullshit, brown noser, at work. The party girl, the night owl, hanging with the guys and the Charlotte York. We chose carefully who we expose these personalities too. Do we prefer to be the party animal or Martha Stewart?
Me, I prefer to hang with the guys while wearing painfully gorgeous heels.

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