Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Walk The Line

Well, well, well...let me start off by saying, I may have slept with you due to a years worth of talks, flirting and I'm sure some picture exchanges. Lets face it, the thoughts of someone I met online, coming to meet me after all this time? I better back up everything I've said the whole year. I want to somewhat prove a point that not only can I "talk the talk", I can "Walk the walk". I will do everything in my power to be the best at it I can. You got his best, not his late night pick up a girl and send her home routine, but his take a little Viagra and make sure she has had none better routine!
Now as far as the question "all guys are always thinking about sex & can never be friends". This is a touchy subject and has many variables. For example: If I met you and you looked somewhat attractive and always told me how bad your relationships were, I would tell you he is a jerk and you were right. (B.S. you a little). If you were not my type at all: we might be friends but I would be more two sided and fairer with telling you you were wrong or right. Here comes the tricky one: you're not my type, but you are cute or I think I would like to have sex or do something once, due to our talking over time...I would do it while drunk. Now here comes the best of them all: We have never met (me & either of you) but you have a blog that tells sad stories with women who think there are no good men left out there.
a.) if you posted a picture of you being not attractive at all: men would not give a crap about your stories.

b.) you posted a photo and you're beautiful: men would care about your stories more. But also think of their best lines to make you feel better about what had happened to you and you’re past relationships.

I personally have never met you two in person, but I think that you must be halfway attractive to have gone on some of these dates. I did see a photo of someone who SP had on her profile and she was very attractive.

So, would I sleep with her?
Photos tell me nothing, actions speak louder than words.

Did I want to meet you two in person?
I sure did! I wanted to see exactly whom I was giving advice to. But, that may never happen.

I do not have trouble getting laid, my trouble is finding someone who after great sex has a mind, drive for excellence, is willing to take risks, has a job, not too much drama and a few other things. If you two were to ask me if I would sleep with you, show me a picture or meet me and I would be honest.
My advice to both of you at this point has not been because we are friends, we have never met, don't call each other to talk about our days, or even go out, it has been strictly to show a mans (my) point of view. The question now is: do you fall for a man due to his words? Or his looks?
The Man

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