Friday, May 21, 2010

The Chase

We as men have been somewhat forced by society to show off a little, is it our ego's? Peer pressure of trying to impress and keep up? Some of us can afford nice things; while others spend every cent they have, thinking that's what women want. Some men buy fancy cars, others fancy clothing, while yet others have the "hook ups" to many clubs to make them look better. We really don't know what you want but after growing up, reading all the fairy tales you believe in, we are pressured to act a certain way. Lets face it, you turn on the T.V and what do you see? Slim fast commercials, P90X, abs of steel, MTV cribs, Real Housewives and so on. We think: wow, let me work out, get some money together, dress to impress and she will be mine. So many of us (men & women) are somewhat forced my society to look a certain way, dress a certain way, and act a certain way.
Money in exchange for sexual favors is nothing new in the dating game. Although, it's more covertly than overtly on the table. Unfortunately, some men allow their hearts to get involved in the transaction and thus wind up over-spending. The trick (no pun is to keep your feelings in check and be realistic when dealing with women who you know are dating you for the spoils (i.e. Keep your heart in a separate account from your cash).
Not every woman a man dates is a potential wife. Sometimes, he just wants a fun companion for a vacation. Or, sometimes he wants companionship without the drama of a relationship. It's easy to get an opportunistic woman to leave you alone - just cut off the dollars and "POOF!" A girlfriend or wife -- he has to "deal with" her, work through problems, talk it out, etc. Too much work and commitment for a lot of men.
Well, another Friday my emails are full, texts have been sent all day asking what I have planned for the night, and still no response from the one have I really wanted to meet. Have you ever run into someone you knew from the past? Or someone you just met and thought, Wow!! She is amazing, but all we have done is shared messages, maybe talked on the phone, or just bumped into them once again. It's hard to wait around for something u know might never happen, but it's even harder 2 give up, especially when it is "everything u ever wanted.” or at least you think!
If I have no excitement this weekend to write about, I will be sharing past experiences such as: The Moscow Model, The Bangkok Bombshell, Handy Mandy (might get banned), Mrs. Photoshop, and a few others. Hope you enjoy, and have a great weekend.
The Man

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