Monday, May 24, 2010

Unattainable Curiosity

Why do I torture myself at times? Am I a glutton for punishment? Or just a creature of habit? Saturday night I was just messing around on the computer, checking my mail from the dating sites, and RING RING I look to my phone and look who's calling. I was amazed to see it was the girl who once told me "she had found something better". This girl was spoiled her whole life, hadn't worked for years, bought only the best of everything, but for some reason, I was something she had to chase. She once told me I was that "unattainable curiosity" she had to conquer. I was that "bad boy" she had always shied away from.
We dated on and off for about four months, things to me were great or so I thought. We went to concerts, art shows, movies, and horse shows, just about everything happening around town. I did notice some signs of things going wrong, but as most of us do, I tried to ignore them. We tried a few times and the result was always us never seeing eye to eye. She was always right, I was always wrong! Ha! The last time we tried to work things out, we seemed to be having fun. I knew she wasn't my "girlfriend" so I was very casual as to choose the things we did. I wasn't about to waste time on something I knew was doomed from the start, so I did simple things, movies, cooked dinners, walks on the beach, and so on. I wake up on morning and see this:

"Well is has been four months of a very dysfunctional thing going on here. Is time for the truth? Clearly you are very far from it. Let me give you a hint of what I like cause you never had a clue. I've decided to go with the flow and was never taken anywhere where I could use a high heel or dress nice. Since the only places we have been where really casual. I don't really think is appropriate to wear high heels to casual restaurants, for walks at the beach, watching movies at home or in the theaters. I didn't mind although is kind of out of my league...most of the guys usually like to go to nice places too. I can be both but with your finances I had to keep quite. I have never experience such a thing before. And it has been a real turn off. I like to mix things up a little bit casual + nice places. But what I really want to say here is that I don't want to be connected to dysfunctional people. I am looking for normality. Professional working people, grounded, with realistic ideas, motivated about life and a relationship."

Hahahahahahahaa! to say the least, I was glad I didn't try to impress her. After receiving this letter, she wanted to meet to return a few things. I set up my revenge. We planned to meet the following day. I knew she was always nosey so I just happened to leave a bank statement sitting on the center console, pulled out the Rolex I had never worn with her (I knew she was all about money from the start), and was dressed to a "T". A few days later she mentioned she was sorry and knew she was out of line. She then asked if I wanted to go out for dinner, she even offered to pay. HA! My plan worked, she noticed everything! Which brings me to yesterday.
Yesterday I get a call asking if I wanted to hang out. I was tired of meeting strangers, and just wanted to be with someone I knew. I knew this would never go anywhere but that feeling of comfort was there with her. The day went well and as I said my good byes, she said, "that's it?" don't you want to come to my house? No thanks I said. A little way down the road I get a call...."Hey, I’m coming over." I think to myself "why not". Why do we do these things to ourselves I sometimes ask myself.
The Man

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