Thursday, May 20, 2010

Great Expectations

As stated before I am going to be brutally but try to keep it as P.G as possible (very, very, hard when you have stories like mine).
I have been in many relationships, many lasting only a few months, a few lasting for years, and my fair share of one nighters. After a 5yr relationship, I decided to try something new to me, the online dating world. I was tired of the bar scene and knew I was getting nowhere! I decided to sign up for a few sites, at first, I was very nervous, and then it became easy (so to speak).
Here goes, "what's your name”, "where do you live", "what do you want" (long term, dating, friendship, intimate encounter, and so on) I was very honest when filling it out. It would have been so simple to lie about these things but I was tired of the "games" or at least I thought. I listed my job (which to me is great), but after speaking with some of the women from these sites, they were not impressed. You may ask, "How do I know that?" Because they tell me "Ohhh, cool job, I thought you were a professional". Hahahaa, I laugh when the say things like that. Many women (on those sites) judge us for our employment. I have a few suggestions women: when you hear a possible love interest is a pool guy, painter, plumber, landscaper, artist, newspaper delivery boy, Naaa, just kidding on the last one, you really have no idea what he makes. Here’s an example: pool guy cleans 10 pools in a day, finished by 3pm = $300.00+ a day. Landscaper does maintenance on 15 houses a day at an average of $50.00 =$750.00 per day. And so on.
I just wanted to let you in on a little useful information. Don't judge by the job they have. This goes for men also. As long as someone is driven, they will succeed. If you put them down, they will show you they are actually better than you.
The Man

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