Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Welcome To Heartbreak

It would have been good to know the truth about the mind of a man years ago, but it definitely comes in handy these days. We risk our life and throw everything we worked hard to create away for the thrill and hunt for the next best. In the moment the fantasy life is addictive and insanely normal, but of course only the weakest women fall for this scam.
Men like women come in all shapes, sizes and personalities, but at the end of the day all men are the same. Some are more honest upfront as far as what they are looking for in a relationship or rather what type of relationship. Others fail to ever speak the truth and continue to create a false reality. The continuous and seemingly endless journey in search of the all mighty "one" is a lost cause as there are no good men left just imposters.
The Man wrote yesterday about how he thought he had made it very clear what he was looking for, but clearly his words and actions were misinterpreted. From a woman's perspective men are hardly that easy to understand. Unless it is written out or formally spoken we will always tear apart every action or word and create our own relationship status. When left open to interpretation and in the gray zone everything has the chance to be spun and twisted into a totally new story.
Up until now I have chosen men who were perfectly fine being rescued. I have always been the person in charge of the money; the bills, scheduling appointments, motivating and making sure jobs were completed. At first it felt really great not only knowing I was helping change someone's life for the better, but that I was in charge. Then came along someone who had the same drive and goals as me. Was honest and vocal about what he wanted out of life and love and wasn't afraid to gamble away his heart with the objective of finding the mother of his future kids. I wanted so desperately to believe "the one" wasn't just a urban myth, but sadly I have once again been disappointed. Sometimes actions or rather a lack of proves more troublesome then words.
Drama heightens the interest and allure, but if you continue to let the ball drop and not follow thru with your words then how can you possibly believe I will continue to wait around for someone who is never coming. I once believed the promises, the lies, the laughter, but now I'm even more guarded. How can I possible believe anything you say or do?
Here is a hint men, when a woman continues to jokingly hint that flowers or chocolates would be sweet every once and a while SHE ISN'T JOKING, SHE IS SERIOUS. This is a test to see if you were listening and if you seriously are interested in her. It only takes a few seconds to send a text like, "Hey. Hope you're well. Really busy at work, can't talk but I miss you." That's all and you are good for a day or so. Add a romantic gesture like flowers or a personal note or something creative and you are golden. Do none of the above and remain silent for days will get you in the doghouse without a second thought. It's that simple. All women love romance (even the ones who say they don't), why do you think we drag you to the latest chick flick? We want to believe there are a few good men still out there.

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