Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Marry Me

I’m a private person so writing on this blog is definitely out of my comfort zone, but I’ve actually enjoyed taking a break from the chaos of the day and writing down my thoughts.
A number of events prompted the “break up” at the beginning of this month and a number of events caused both Summer and myself to reevaluate our relationship and priorities.
My feelings for Summer have never changed although looking back on a few conversations I could see how one might feel differently. I stopped reading the blog and contributing after our falling out. But, I took some time today to briefly catch up and see just how butchered I was as an ex.
I’m glad to see that The Man is back, but now the ladies with the addition of Aussie gal out number us. I see Kate is still ranting about JSR. Sure hope I don’t piss her off one day. Keep the punches coming. I’ve got a feeling JSR is still reading this blog, (I know I would be addicted if I were him) but I don’t think you will be hearing from his camp anytime soon given the number of followers supporting you. Even I have a bit of stage fright writing on here again given the increased amount of readers.
Summer talked me into using the username McDreamy and I just couldn’t say no to someone so beautiful especially when she flashed that smile and playfully twisted her hair.
My life has been very busy which is great for business and not so great for my personal one. I made the mistake of telling Summer about a young intern whom I believed had a crush on me. I thought it was funny and kind of cute and I thought Summer would think so too. Boy was I was wrong. However, in all fairness to Summer, I had become so engrossed in my work, that I had neglected her. No more early morning calls while I sipped my first coffee. The texts had gone down to non-existent, and when they did occur, they were brief. Our last conversation ended abruptly, she called me to see how I was doing, but I was just about to go into a meeting and asked if I could call her back in twenty she responded not so happily.
"No, don't bother. Maybe you should sleep with the intern instead.”
Two days later Summer called me and said she couldn’t handle the long distance relationship and that if I wanted to see other people I should. Honestly, I didn’t know what to say. She was right I wasn’t there and I couldn’t guarantee when I would get a chance to see her again. I was hurt and for the next few days I tried my best to focus on work, but every morning I woke up and rushed to my phone to read her daily morning message and my mailbox was empty. I found myself checking my email and voicemail every half hour just in case she did try to communicate, but there was nothing.
So I reached out and took a leap of fate. Rescheduled my week and was bound for NYC the next morning. There is truly nothing more beautiful than an Autumn flight over the Northeast. It always reminds me of a beautiful sunset I had experienced in the Keys just before a hurricane was about to hit. As I sat there looking through that small aircraft portal, I wondered if indeed I was experiencing the calm before the storm. Manhattan had always scared me a bit; I never took to it much, a bit too chaotic for my liking.
As I approached this familiar and very imposing building, the doorman smiled and greeted me,
"Mr. ****, welcome back. I’ll let Ms. Peterson know you are here.”
Taking that elevator up seemed to be the longest journey I've ever taken. I decided not to use my key on the door, but rather to knock. As she opened the door, the expression on her face was to say the least, confusing. Initially she looked like a little girl at Xmas, that expression quickly turned to a less than welcoming look.
"So why are you here?" she blurted out.
" I'm here to see if you wanted to get married..." I said in a very cynical tone.
"Yeah right. Maybe you should be asking the intern. I’m sure she would say yes. By the way, Andy is going to here any minute. We are going out for dinner.”
"Great, maybe we can have a threesome."
“That's funny. But, I'll pass. So why are you here, don't you have a client to rescue?"
"I'm here because I love you.”

Summer turned beet red, I have used the "L" word and mentioned marriage in the same night.
With a girlish smile on her face, "So you love me?"
Just then the doorbell rang, it was Andy, the doorman had let him up. So I got up from the table, took off all my clothes and walked towards the door.
"What the fuck are you doing?", Summer screamed while almost choking with laughter.
"I'm going to answer the door.”
"Do not...."
It was too late, I opened the door, and sure enough, Andy was on the other side.
"Andy right? Listen, Summer can't come to the door right now.”
Summer ran over to the door trying to contain her laughter, "...am...sorry Andy, this is not a good time."
"Who is this guy?"
Andy said in a not so calm voice.
"Oh...she doesn't know my name, she just leaves the money on the bedside table."
Andy immediately did a 180 and headed to the elevator, and I closed the door.
"Well...think I just eliminated the competition, so here's the deal. I hate Manhattan, I think you need to come to Miami and live with me until we decide where we're going to next. That will also give you an opportunity to plan our wedding."
"Our wedding? Who says I want to marry you?"
“Didn’t hear you say no.”
"So you are standing here naked in my apartment, asking me to marry you?"
she chuckled.

Am I nuts? Sure. But, sometimes the gamble pays off and you get the girl.


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