Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Man Speaks Again

Well hello there everyone. And DAMN!! There are tons of you now. I hope that you have gone back and read some of my prior writings. Some of you may remember me and wondered what happened to me recently.

Here goes...As I explained when we wrote our "about me" blog, I had a different life than most of you. I always received whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted, but my life has flipped dramatically within the recent months. My recent events should be made into a country song, lost my dog (of 13 yrs), may be loosing my home (due to clerical events), customers paying bills late, most of the women I've dated have been married, and so on. The blog was a way for me to escape and talk about my dating experiences and whatever is going on in my life. I didn't have Internet for over a month and at first I didn't know how to act, but as weeks past, it was refreshing. I did miss reading the blog and hearing the stories from the fans. Well, I'm back and there's no getting rid of me. So other than that, here's what I’ve been doing... I frequent a local restaurant/bar to have lunch. Most of the women there are very attractive, but that wasn’t my intentions. It was just a place close to home where good food, service, and something nice to look at. I ended up breaking one of my own rules (don’t date somewhere you frequent)...One of the workers there approached me and sparked up a conversation. We had dinner the next day, and things have progressed to a friendship (on my part). What I mean "on my part" is this: she is nice, attractive, smart, simple, athletic, and very nice. There is a few things that just don’t "do it" for me though...I like simple, but not too simple. I like nice, but not too nice. I like athletic, but common' working out every day and counting calories/sugars/starches and so on??? , And doesn’t drink. That is a good thing, although a simple beer/wine or going out usually involves some sort of beverage. I have tried to think of places to go and nothing comes to mind. Many romantic things I’ve come up with involve a little of something she doesn’t like or do. The plans I do come up with are generally daytime events, so the nights are spent watching movies or going to dinners. It is just not I! But with her being as nice as she is, it's hard to say, "I'm not that into you". I have given all the signs/signals that we are friends (with benefits at times), but she is willing to wait until "I'm ready". Why do you women wait? Why would you think I would be ready with you? If I did, I WOULD!!! Men do usually say what we mean, LISTEN TO OUR WORDS/WATCH OUR ACTIONS...
I'm back and hopefully my writing thoughts will return as well. I always love questions/comments, so feel free to ask.
The Man

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