Monday, October 11, 2010

Chivalry Still Does Exist

After re-reading what I shared yesterday, some of you may have been confused and thought I was leading this girl on, let me elaborate a little. Here are a few "signs" you may just be a "fun girl". I told her from day one, it was okay hanging out, but I wasn't looking for anything serious (my sign for nothing but fun). I turn down (but thank for the offer) for dinners. I try to make myself "busy" (if a guy likes you, he will do whatever possible). Sudden changes of plans (I’m going out tonight, sorry). I don't answer phone/texts for hours sometimes. We never go out on dates (unless I want to do something). There are a few other things I/some guys do to show (not tell) you are just someone I fill my free time with.
Here are a few things I/some guys would do if they truly want to be with you. I am willing to go out of my way to make you happy (If you like something special for breakfast, I would make it, or get it for you). We wouldn't look for recognition for things. Willing to talk about your wants and desires in life and supports your dreams and ambitions. We/I would do things that you enjoy (chick flicks, plays, concerts, special events and so on) without ruining your night complaining we were there. We would even surprise you with tickets to your favorite show. Compliment you for no special reason at all; except for the happiness you bring us. Do things you’re way (folding clothes, laundry, food, etc.) just the way you either like or dislike them. Chivalry does still exist (opens doors, goes for walks on the beach, holding hands, passionate kisses, flowers, romantic dinners, candles, bath ready, champagne/ strawberries, and so much more). Remembers all the little/big things that matter to you. Asks how your day was every day and shows interest and asks questions about it. Romantic in bed (intimate kissing and gazing into your eyes). Willing to please you in bed (sometimes it's a "you" day. The pleasure is for you with nothing in return). Texts/ calls you back quickly (not just when drunk, late sex is wanted). Likes you as you (loves/compliments you when you don't have make-up, nails done, hair done and so on). Just the casual you (hair tied up, maybe a baseball cap on, sweats, jeans, whatever). There are actually a million things we do to show you we are "into" you; sometimes we just don't say the words. Other times we say the words, but the above actions are not shown (if so, he may have lost the spark or just not romantic/thoughtful of the simple little things). I personally think the littlest gesture goes a long way. A little "thinking of you" text only takes 45 seconds, so if you don't get those, your man SUCKS! Having our special song play in your car when you start it is not to time consuming as well. A note in your pocket/ purse is something that takes little time as well. Millions of simple things to put a smile on your faces, and in the long run, (guys) you might get a little more action.
So I am still on the Internet dating sites with no results. I have met a few great people, and remained good friends with others, but still nothing with potential. I guess I am in hopes that someone out there is looking at their screen and thinking the same things as me. Hopefully we will cross paths one day, until then I will be sharing some of my dos and don'ts, as well as my dating experiences. Let me wish you all luck, and don't be scared to go for exactly what you want.
The Man

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