Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sign Language

Well here goes...
When we first met, we talked a little, and I said "sure" to hanging out. I never thought anything serious would happen between the two of us. You had mentioned about your divorce and that most of your friends were either married or dating. I was in the same position and thought company would be nice at times. Things happened very quickly, and I can see you are getting really attached to me. When we first spoke I stated I didn't want anything serious. I figured due to the fact you are still legally married, have children, work long hours, that you wouldn't have too much free time. I also thought after being married for over ten years you wouldn't be looking for a relationship either. I am somewhat old fashioned when it comes to some of my beliefs. I avoid going out at times because of the fact you are still "legally married". (This is a little B.S, but I didn't want to be a dick) I didn't want to be labeled as "The guy she dated while still married" (more B.S.). He (legal husband) could in reality take photo's of us together and use them against you in court. (I am not the best role model, plus he's a Cop) I enjoy spending time with you, but I don't need other problems adding to my every day stress. I also avoid telling people "I am dating someone" until I know the feelings are mutual. I also would never date anyone my friends have dated in the past. (Another excuse by me). What I'm trying to say is that I enjoy your company, but at times I feel you're looking for something long-term (future) with. You are an amazing person but there are a few things that will never happen.
Here are my excuses:
Nothing was ever stated when we first started talking.... We talked, had fun, and "things" happened. With the quickness of how it progressed, you never had a chance to know what I really want. Here's a few: I may one day want children (of my own), you already have 3 I would NEVER have children with someone who has more than two, sorry, but true. I really enjoy my alone time. I like to have romantic dinners, and at times a bottle of wine would be involved. I enjoy many different foods and rarely count calories/fats/sugars/starches and so on. I eat healthy, as well as you do, but at times beers and chicken wings are GREAT!!! I like going on get-a-ways on a spur of the moment and with you plans need to be made weeks ahead of time. I do use profanity (unlike you) but I respected you and held back. I hate when people show up at my house unannounced, whether it's friends, family, or whomever. (I meant her). There was so much more but I didn't want to point out every issue. (Drive-by's, phone check ins when another car is at my house, clothes left behind doors **guys rarely look behind things when they live alone**, tried to leave toothbrush & overnight bag, stalking, and on & on) I am saying all of this because I feel as if you are getting really attached. I, in no way, would ever want to hurt you.... it’s just that we never really talked. (Met, had sex, and BAM!!) You really have no idea who I am, what I like/dislike, what my goals are, what I want in life, and many more questions that usually would be important. I just really want to be honest with you and not lead you to your own conclusions.
WHOA!!! Damn! Well I found out the other day I was "dating" someone for two months. Why do some women think because we had sex, we are dating? There are two types of sex for most men. SEX: To get the job done, for that animalistic instinct, cuz you're smokin' hot, drunk, bored or just plain horny. The other is MAKING LOVE: Someone you care passionately about, want her to feel as deeply as you do, pleasing in every way, not too rough, touching, caressing, exploring every soft inch of her nakedness, knowing she wants you as bad as you want her, deep gazing into each others eyes, and so much more.
I have said a few times before "LISTEN TO WHAT WE TELL YOU." We for the most part are doing and saying what we really are. If you look at us and ask, "What are you thinking?" most of the time, we aren't thinking shit! If you ask if you look good in those jeans? We might say otherwise just to get some later.... but for the most part, we are not as mental as you.
The Man

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