Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fire and Ice

Ummm...where to begin. If I must explain than there really is nothing to discuss. This is not the first grade. I will not repeat my words as I thought I was very clear yesterday in what apparently was a rant.
I agree I may have gone from one extreme to another in less than a day, but I will not apologize if you still don't get it. Honestly it started going down hill all because of one little request. That given everything didn't seem like a bizarre idea, but there was nothing.
You had this chance to wow and win tons of brownie points. It may seem childish, but it said a lot and you can go on and on about being super busy and tired and I totally understand that, but all it takes is five minutes. The bigger question is what kind of life is this? What kind of relationship can this ever really be?
The L word shouldn't be thrown around carelessly or without warning and then never discussed afterwards. Although really it never had to do with that word, even though the use of it without warning was a bit confusing given there was no follow thru to support the use of the L word. Water under the bridge right?
So we both need to take a step back and really decide if this is worth the frustration and brief encounters. As much as I hate to say it after recent days I'm really not sure what to think. Privacy is not taken as a joke, but what really is private anymore these days? I'm not going to change. This is me so deal. Learn to understand my words and actions and if it's too much for you then well let's stop the pain now. I will compromise and take into consideration your lifestyle and comfort level. Now do you get it?

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