Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Imaginary Ex

Awhile back I mentioned D; my colorful, over the hill, sometimes partner in crime. She is unhappily married at times so after agreeing to do a girls night out and hook her up with some free drinks she has written a piece for the blog. Great job D.

Ahh, we all have them. The one that got away. How different life would be if we were still with them. As you are with someone else, things don’t go well and you think of that imaginary ex. You might have even drunk dialed them once or twice. Now with facebook, maybe even friended them. I was madly in love with mine; he was the best thing that ever got away. Going on eleven years of marriage to someone else, he was still my escape; I was going to be with him someday.
Well, I ran into him and his girlfriend of ten years the other day. I was running/walking my first 5K and he was there. The thought never even occurred to me, because he was a runner after all in our small community. He spotted me and said “D”, gave me a hug and asked “You remember Margaret?’ “Sure do” I replied. Of course in my mind she wasn’t attractive at all and why was he still with her was going through my mind. She wandered off to talk to other folks and left us unattended. As he was rambling on and on about what has been going on in his life, I discovered I wasn’t interested. Me, not caring what this man said? OMG this is the man that I actually broke his penis and he will always have a curve to remind him of it. Should of asked the girlfriend if she liked that? Wonder if he ever told her that story.
There is a time in everyone’s life to question their choices. I actually had three. Yes, I was dating three men at once. Just call them honey, dear or whatever as not to mix up names. The imaginary ex was one of them. Imaginary is the correct word, because as I now recall, I was always last on his list. He worked two jobs, had custody of his daughter, ran, played golf, basketball, etc. In his fifties and has never married still to this date. Doesn’t even live with girlfriend. Never even married hid daughter's mother. The only good thing about him was his kissing and the places he would take me that I had never been, ( oh and sex was great until the whole broken thing). So as I listen to my significant other snoring in the other room, did I make the right choice? Ask me when he awakes?

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