Saturday, October 30, 2010

Good Vibrations

So my diabolical plan seems to be working for me. My last post “Live, Laugh, Love” was about how I am not going to go looking for anything. I am going to live my life for myself and see what comes along. Yes, I am singing in my car. I actually find that it’s me laughing at myself not the person in the car next to me. On a few occasions I obviously grab a guys attention and find him following me. When I change lanes he changes. Until the inevitable happens and one of us has to turn off the highway.
My new job is going great. Just this week I received some awesome feedback from my boss so I am really happy there. I do try and dance like no one is watching but unfortunately guys seem to think it’s an open invitation to bump and grind against you. The last time my roomy and I went out we were sitting at a table just talking and laughing. As we normally do. I will admit I spent a bit of time glancing at the tall, dark, handsome South American Manager, who is so unattainable but absolutely gorgeous. But during the night I noticed the other Manager throwing looks, smiles and even a wink at me. We also noticed that after one of the bouncers threw me a big, funny, cheeky grin he felt the need to constantly walk past wherever we were sitting. And was sprung watching me a couple of times by my roomy. And both these guys were sober. Not drunk, horny and looking for a root. Well they were at least not drunk anyway. So with my good vibes and The Man’s tips on spotting a player I am better armed to protect myself and weed out the slimeballs.
Tonight I’m cooking up a nice meal and the awesome foursome are hitting the town.
Have a great weekend everyone.
Aussie Gal

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