Friday, October 22, 2010

Pay It Forward

"You never know how your actions can change the world."

There once were two, then a happy trio, than one was thrown out of the moving vehicle and left for dead. The just married couple continuing along the journey of eternal bliss never looking in the rear view mirror. That was until the day the person who was left holding onto the mountain's edge with nothing but a fifty foot fall and no safety net came crawling, then walking and eventually running full speed ahead no longer caring about certain people's (MF and CF) feelings or wishes, because as she learned all those months ago some people just don't deserve respect or please and thank you. Some people, whether fair or right, must be left behind. If they are smart and strong they will find a way back and create a new life with new friends and new priorities.
Just discovered the stats feature on the blog and I'm a big overwhelmed and curious as to who exactly is reading my words right now. Australia, Canada, India, Italy, France and so many more international hot spots are taking the time to read our words. I crack a smile everyday now because this personal story was never meant to be a public one or then again maybe it always was meant to be reminder of what can happen if pushed to the edge of darkness.
I have nothing to hide. If I did I certainly wouldn't have the courage to write my inner thoughts on a public blog for anyone to read. We all have a choice in life. Pay it forward some might say. Do right and respect others and good vibes will follow you. Do wrong and run away leaving former friends with unanswered questions and you never know what will happen next or just how many people now know your name and what a sorry ass, god blessing, son of a bitch you really are.
Back to the stats, I’m very curious why out of all the blogs "Soap Opera Drama" which was posted back in early June in the midst of the drama with M and company is an everyday read for dozens. There was another odd pattern too, seems that someone last week was doing some serious catch up reading, but the strange thing was it was just on the posts since June that included the names M or MF. So I have to wonder is M's camp still secretly addicted to Love Bites?(Hey guys! Hope you're well. I forgive you for being spineless, stupid, sunshine stereotypes. On second thought, this writing gig is way better.)
My new favorite motivator is the fabulous brain behind the blog, Her amazing words of advice made me laugh and remember why I continue to write and why it's perfectly normal for me to still be questioning the unknown and forever unanswered.

FUCK what anyone thinks! Everyone deals with issues, hurt, and all that in different ways. You do what YOU need to do to feel better, without worry about what people are going to say or think. Screw them; they don't matter!

FUCK people who say to get over something... there is no written time line stating how long it should take to get over this, or to get over that. You take how much time YOU need.

My husband cheated on me over three years ago; we were not even married yet... it still comes to my mind every day of my life, and at least once a week I talk to either him, or someone else about it because I am still hurt.

Nine years ago I had an affair with a married man, and to this day I still think about him, and the what if's, and question myself if I did love him, or if it was just the excitement of having someone show me so much attention.

So 1 week, three years, or nine years... take your time, because there is no statute of limitations; and even if there were, I would find where they are listed and burn them.

And with those classy and priceless words I wish you all a fabulous weekend.

With Love,
Kate plus 15,795
(Think my camp is just a little bit bigger than 2. Not that I'm counting or anything.)

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