Thursday, October 14, 2010

Live, Laugh, Love

Ok. I can take a hint. As The Man said. If this guy really wanted to meet me I would have heard from him by now. He has seen my FB page and obviously I’m not his cup of tea. That’s cool. But it was also to meet new people not just for a hook up. So I’m gonna move on. I have been thinking a bit of late. I remember before I hooked up with my ghost my thought process was to just do my own thing, have fun, hang out with friends and love will find me. When you go looking for it, it won’t happen. So this is what I am going to go back to doing. I plan to concentrate on my new awesome job. Sing in my car during my hour commute each way like the person in the car next to me laughing at me isn’t really there. Have fun and laughs with my friends. Dance like I don’t care who is watching (my roomy is gonna read this and hold me to it now. Lol). Continue writing my book. And do new things. After all I am at the Gold Coast. There is so much here to do. This is my life that I am creating and it is going to be one of fun and happiness. Bring it on!!!
Aussie Gal

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