Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Blind Dating

A couple of weeks ago a client I have had for a number of years came in to see me and during her visit we talked about my recent move and how everything is going. During this visit she mentioned her Financial Planner. Who apparently is tall, dark and handsome and has recently started dating again. She was rather excited at the prospect of setting us up. She handed over his number and it was almost a case of if I didn’t do it she would. After a week of psyching myself up I got the guts up and called him. I had pretty much run through a variety of ways the phone conversation could go. I was so nervous. This was something I had never done before. I haven’t ever been given a number and called to ask a guy if he would like to meet. I don’t even know what he was like or even how he looked. What if he says no? How embarrassing. So I dialed the number and….. “This number is no longer in service.” I had worked myself up for nothing... lol. Later that afternoon my client handed on his mobile number and email address just to be sure. So when I got home that night and with some encouragement from my roomy I called him up. What did I have to lose? This was more about meeting new people and expanding my circle of friends. Hey. If something were to come out of it - bonus… I hung up not knowing if I had been blown off or not. Once again bad timing. He had hurt his back the day before and was on pain killers. He seemed nice enough to apologise and say that he would not be doing me any justice by having a conversation while he was in la la land. But was it a blow off. As I wasn’t sure I continued with his suggestion to send him an email. After a couple we agreed to meet up during the day sometime in the suburb I work. I’m just waiting to find out when. And now is the waiting game. Will I get a start? Or was my initial thought correct. It’s a blow off. I’ll be batting none for 2 if it is.
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