Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fishing For The Wrong Catch

Many of you women are wondering what it takes to "catch the good one". I hear complaining all the time by both parties asking, "Where have all the good one's gone?"...Well to sum things up in fishing terms here we go.
Life and relationships in retrospect are just like fishing. We first must decide what we are fishing for (long term, casual encounters, friends, friends with benefits, dating, serious relationship, or just plan ole sex). How we go about landing our desired catch makes all the difference in the world. If you are going for a bottom feeder, be prepared to have long lines (deep pockets) and know she only is interested in your financial wealth and security. She most likely will move on when something better comes around. They usually eat any bait as long as your boat (car, jewelry, boats, clothes, deep pockets) looks shiny and new. There are the fish that school (hang in groups) and for the most part are difficult to separate until their friends are in relationships as well. Next would be the sport fish (fun) but not a keeper. They are the type you have "fun" with and return to the water. Last but not least there are the Trophy catch. These are the ones that you chase and chase and you must be very dedicated to get their attention. They don't like the shiny baits, could care less about your boat, and are looking to be brought home and mounted (married/homemaker) and as long as you treat them great, you will get the same in return. They will never stray, they only want your attention, and when in love, it will be the best you've ever heard of.
Many of us have no idea what "true love" actually is until it smacks us in the face. When you find this, nothing else matters. It is a life-changing event. Relationships are give and take...somewhat like fishing. You first throw your bait, you wait for the bite, be easy not to break the line on the way to the boat. If you happen to reel too hard, the line breaks. If you throw the wrong bait, you may not get a bite. It must be an even drag with a proportionate give and pull with not too much slack in the line. If you're fishing with old gear, don't expect to pull a keeper. These rules follow with most of life's decisions or moves. We all want that perfect person...the "perfect for us”. But sometimes it's hard to wait for it to happen. We push and push with no results and wonder, "Why hasn't it happened?" the truth is WE MAY BE FISHING FOR THE WRONG FISH. Take a step back and think of it like fishing... Go for that species that will make you happy. Don't settle for second best, you deserve your equal. Even though there are plenty of fish in the sea, you only need the right one to make you truly happy.
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