Friday, October 1, 2010

The Day The Music Died

It appears that the 3rd October 2009 was a significant day for a couple of the Love Bites crew. It was the day that Kate’s life went to shit and the day that I thought was to be the happiest day of my life. Yes. This Sunday would have been our one year anniversary. I have to admit that I have thought about this day coming up and wondering how I will feel. I have a hen’s day/night to go to on Saturday. Races during the day then Casino for dinner and drinks. So I have already picked out a dress that makes me feel great and I’m ready to go out and have an awesome time. As for Sunday I’m not sure. I might not even care at all. I might even celebrate. However I handle it I know that I am in a better place now. I don’t wish for any of it back. I often get told I have a great smile and I plan to use it….
Wisdom & Strength…
Aussie Gal

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