Sunday, August 8, 2010

Let Your Guard Down

"The art of being a woman is the ability to make a man believe he can dominate. A slight thought of commitment that we've yet to consummate. As we go through life we see there is so much that we don't understand. How a woman can catch such strong feelings for the least expecting man. A plethora of heartbreak causing neglect and pain. What could usually be repressed can no longer be contained.I've been picking up the pieces of someone else's mess. I've come to the conclusion that you're different from the rest.I can usually hide it, but with you its just so hard. We have potential I can feel it, babe just let down your guard. I know that you've been hurt,I feel your pain its true. But, babe give us one shot and I promise I won't hurt you.I'm not usually the one to catch feelings sit and wait, but something about you puts me in a kind of vulnerable state. This is somewhat hard for me, I'm not usually the one to sit and twiddle my thumbs waiting on anyone. I don't usually say this and I've played my last card. I could make it worth your while if you just let down your guard."

Not really sure how to proceed after being thrown under the bus for the last few days on here. I was surfing the web earlier trying to find an inspirational quote that would ease the tone and lower the drama, instead I came across this poem with no author and while I'm not typically one to read poems or display my feelings publicly who I am these days as a result of meeting Summer is not my norm. I haven't told any of my male friends that I write on a blog first off because well they would think I was pranking them and also because if it does end given how Summer seems to think we are doomed from the start I don't want all my close friends reading intimate details about me on here. Which given the last half dozen entries is precisely the road I don't want to go down.
But, as I have always said from the start I am very much interested in Summer and yes even after the lovely choice words she called me I still feel the same way. Was this a test to see how I would react when pissed off? I'm not Andy or any other ex so don't put me in the asshole column just yet. Don't I deserve a real chance and if in the future we do decide not to go further with the relationship then I would at least hope we can end on good terms as civilized adults instead of publicly bashing one another in a childish manner.
Mark or Devils Advocate
(apparently I'm not worthy of the McDreamy title anymore)

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