Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ghost Writer

My words leave people questioning and confused. Friends of friends want to put their two cents in on my love life and what I should be doing and shouldn't be saying. If I wanted your advice or had the concerns you have then maybe I too would be throwing out unwarranted and unsolicited ignorant thoughts. How many times must I say, "It is what it is." Please continue with your life and not attempt to get involved in a conversation you were never asked to be a part of.
Thinking back now I don't recall every actually meeting you in person. Never one to socialize with the girlfriends of the love of your life or even attempt to be interested in that part of her life. Were you jealous and insecure seeing her face light up playing dress up and putting on makeup for a night out without you?
My life in many ways parallels that of your great love as well as so many others. As I've said before you can take this blog and certain phrases and spin the stories into whatever tale you want to hear. There are three stories and four writers now on the blog, but the central topic of discussion has always been about love; what happens after you find it, what happens after you lose it and the adventures along the way.
I wish we had properly met and I wish you could have accepted the life she had before you. It killed me to see her spark die, she was never one to follow the rules, she was always the star of the show and yes she did love you and still does and I believe a large part of the reason she held on for so long was because she was afraid to let you go. Somewhat selfish perhaps but in her defense she was trying to protect you. Which turned out to not be a wise decision, but you must let her go now and accept it for what it is.
We've never asked for your approval, as you never wanted to be a part of something you consider pointless. Maybe in ten years I will be embarrassed that I exposed my life for the world to read, but at the moment I enjoy what I'm doing. At the end of the day it's only words on a screen, not a tattoo or a marriage. There are far bigger issues in your life that really should be taking priority, but thanks again.

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