Monday, August 9, 2010

Another Lesson Learned

It is always wise to establish a border of privacy and protection because you never know when the momentary goof and playful dialect will come back to bite you in the ass.
The level of anger and bitter hatred always increases when directed towards a former love. An escalating boxing match of words sucker punching back and forth until one person finally falls down. Stupidly in those fits of passion we carelessly overlook the bridge behind us going up in flames. Never thinking twice that one day in the future we will need to cross back over.
The humbling apology is too little to late. It may temporary mend the burnt remains but the ashes will ultimately fall down.
No one wants to be force feed happiness. Everyone's definition is different and it is both childish and ignorant to accept what isn't true to you.
I must now face the consequences of my poor choices of words. Clearly I never thought we would meet again, but in times of sickness old friends must forgive and move past the pain and anger in order to celebrate life and give back to those in need.
Awkward is in understatement thankfully the fully stocked rendezvous and reunion will preoccupy. So much for secrets, by the weekend we will be the newest piece of juicy gossip at the kitchen table.

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