Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Chasing The Rush

"O lovers! Be careful in those dangerous first days! Once you’ve brought breakfast in bed you’ll have to bring it forever, unless you want to be accused of lovelessness and betrayal."
Milan Kundera

Is Dr.Phil right is cheating a repetitive habit? Once you've done it are you more likely to repeat the offense? Does this say something about your personality and/or the people with whom you form relationships? Is it easier to continue telling little white lies instead of telling the truth because the reality is far less airbrushed?
Had we been clinging to hope, praying that we would wake up one day and life would return to what it once was? Some might say he thrived off the rush, was constantly chasing the next high, losing sight of the prize right in front of him because he needed a cheap trick. But, was it a perfect match? Of course there was love, unconditional loving that even when pushed to the breaking point still held on impatiently waiting for a sign. Was this a second chance to rekindle the powder romance or a much needed wake up call that it wasn't working and no amount of therapy would ever change who we were.
To think that the current state was paradise certainly does not justify actions, but as the story goes if a major factor is lacking it is just a matter of time before hide and seek.
Three quarters of 2010 has gone by and I'm starting to think it might be wise to be in an eat, pray, love state of mind. At this point, I can't think of another more devastating, odd, sad or fabulous event to happen. But, I wouldn't change any of it, as I am now chasing the rush and embracing change.

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