Thursday, March 3, 2011

Finder's Keepers

So is the rule of thumb when talking to men basically that if they don't respond to your emails for at least a week and you know they aren't died or on a remote island and that funny enough they were just online that it's their way of saying "I'm just not that into you anymore"?
Don't you guys realize that silence only makes things worse and that it makes us keep bothering you for an answer? Have the balls to say something, anything.
For the last few nights I have been asking The Man for his words of wisdom on this subject. As I fear I am walking a thin line between being calm and composed and coming off as a raging, desperate nut. Words of wisdom from The Man:
"Some women push and push when all they really need to do is take a step back. I dated many who I told "Give me a few to calm down, I don't want to say something while upset" and what happens??? Push, push and BYE BYE BITCH!! All it would have taken for me was five minutes to calm down, but their personality was the type to never back down. They needed answers and they needed them now. That type of person will go nowhere with me. I am the type to even smile when they yell and that pisses them off even more. I do the silent treatment really well too. Many of us guys know what bothers you the most and when angry will do that. I don't like to be pushed into a corner for any reason, and perhaps that's what he felt. He may have known that you wouldn't have understood and in time it would have been different..IDK? everyone has their own ways of dealing with conflict."

Maybe The Man is right, but I refuse to sit around, eating bonbons waiting for the phone to ring. Having a friendship is fine, but it's not on the top of my priority list. Having a relationship seems more like a joke and urban myth at this point regardless of where in the world people are.

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