Thursday, March 24, 2011

Go Fish

There will always be more fish in the sea. More drama and responsibilities put on your already full plate. There will be days when you dread waking up and confronting the day because you know it's not sunny in Philadelphia anymore. But, you continue to push on and go about the motions just let everyone else. You hold out hope that things will change, but as the days turn into weeks and months with little sign of progress the sky starts to look more black than blue.
Good luck in your search for love. What you think you're searching for may not be what you wanted after all. As the years go by your expectations and understanding of the opposite sex will probably change. Eventually you will come to realize that nobody can be molded into the person we wish they would be. Someday will never come.
You can believe in love, but you must also believe that true love and happiness can not be ordered in a magazine or on a computer. There is nothing random about anything we do. There is a reason for everything that ultimately occurs even if you don't know why at that moment in time.
Everyday is filled with the same mystery bag of emotions and issues. We dream of a life free of worries. A life filled only with champagne wishes and caviar dreams. But, Robin Leach isn't coming around anytime soon and the flock of eligible winners is trimming down. It's not so fun after all feeling like the only one left in the game.

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