Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Man Who Cried Love

Having someone say "I love you" is suppose to be a pretty big step in a relationship. But, how do you know it's true love and not just lust masked with firework hopes and dreams?
It seems like so many people feel pressured into the exposing themselves and going out of their comfort zone for a grand ideal that appears closer than it ever really was. A stranger becomes a lover without much thought. The carefree vision of love and happiness keeps you high until one day the hot air balloon comes crashing down to earth.
What was never said is what will remain. Maybe some words are to little, to late, but then if this is true love never existed at all. If you walk away without a fight you never were running towards happiness to begin with.
What were you thinking talking to a stranger? The candy was counterfeit, but it's to late now you eat it all up and your stomach is rumbling in pain.
There was no cake, no card, no flowers just an empty room where love once lived.
Happy belated birthday to me. Dirty 30 here I come.

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