Friday, February 25, 2011

Breaking The Rules

Two months into the new year and I've already broken one of my New Year's resolution. I met a possible new great love. His name in this arena is Ken. I've learned my lesson since the summer romance and as much as I would love to openly gossip about my personal life on here the cons of freedom of speech and what some people interpret from these written words can make the nine to five life more dramatic than necessary.
Initially I didn't think any harm could come from going out for just one drink after work. But, of course one drink turned into two, followed by an amazing dinner and than the next night another amazing dinner and hours of conversations. Yes, I know what I said last month about making my New Year's resolution to stop talking and flirting with men, but I've never been very good at saying no. On the plus side I lasted four weeks longer than I thought and just like my goal of going to the gym and trying to lose a few pounds I had a big piece of devil's food cake instead.
But, let's be clear I am not in a relationship, I have not fallen for the player tricks, I will not weaken even if my newest lust (the Prada denim twist frame bag) happened to magically appear.
Maybe this whole life and love thing isn't so complicated after all. Yea right, who am I kidding?

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