Saturday, March 19, 2011

Guy Code

After writing my last blog, I thought I should add a few things. Below are a few things that explain a few ways to be a "cool girl".

Well, “Cool Girls” understand the facts of life when it comes to how men can be different.
And what’s more… they make these differences work in their favor (and not against them like so many other unfortunate women).
It’s as if they’ve learned this unspoken "guy code" that most other women don’t even know is going on right in front of them.
Im going to try letting you in on some of these codes and guidelines… starting with a few of the big "Don’ts":

"Cool Girl" DON’Ts:

- Cool Girls DON’T exaggerate about what’s going on around them or what a man’s doing, unless they’re doing it as a joke or to make fun of a man in a playful way.

- Cool Girls DON’T say everything that they’re feeling and experiencing. They think before they speak. (Listen up to this one — it’s HUGE.)

- Cool Girls DON’T mention bad situations, issues or problems from the past unless it’s a total must or extremely important and they haven’t been able to talk about it yet. They find the right time for them and their man to talk. Otherwise, Cool Girls live in the present moment.

- Cool Girls DON’T try to FORCE a man to talk about his feelings. They know that it will only backfire and he’ll think she’s being needy and close off.

Now, I know what you’re probably thinking:

"How can they act like that? It sounds like "Cool Girls" are totally fake or devoid of all natural emotion." or what I was told once was a "stepford wife"

"Cool girls" still experience all of the same thoughts and feelings any normal healthy woman has…but, they’ve chosen to adopt a different kind of behavior that will ultimately get them the response that they’re looking for with the man. They acknowledge the irrational ways of men and let that help shape their actions, which results in very powerful, very positive reactions from the men in their lives.
Simply put, they’ve got guys eating out of their hand, even in situations where other women would have caused emotional turmoil and drama. I am sure even after reading this once again, I will still have many more things to add. If you're a guy, what makes a girl stand above the rest , and makes her you're "cool girl"?
The Man

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