Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Flying Hearts

If you knew the ending to the story would you still pick the same door?
It use to be simple. Boy meets girl, they date, fall in love, get married, have kids, grow old, the end. But, how do you know you've found that needle in a haystack? The one and only person in the entire universe that completely you and many years from now will still adore you. Relationships and the almighty search for the illusive soul mate make the idea of love and all it stands for more like a game of Russian roulette. Unknowingly we sometimes find ourselves playing games with the people we love because we want to be sure their feelings are genuine. Yet in the process we end up pushing them further and further away.
The silence can drive you mad. You replay the events and conversations and wonder where did it go so horribly wrong. If this isn't the first time you were left without an explanation you may begin to question if you are simply picking the bad seeds or perhaps the problem is you and your stubborn personality.
Until you understand what happened along the way to happily ever after you will remain in a circle of bad choices and turbulent relationships.
I do not want to continue having a conversation with myself. Although it seems to be what I do best. It's become all too apparent in recent weeks that things can't continue as they have been. That changes must be made immediately if there is hope for a future.

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