Friday, March 11, 2011

Bittersweet Sundae

Sometimes the only way to make peace with our past is to be the bigger person and admit to our own faults and accept that a poor choice of words and a thoughtless act can have a profound effect on events to follow.
Some people try very hard to avoid conflict and drama while others seemingly go out of their way to provoke unnecessary fights. Finally after you have pushed away any caring person it finally hits you. It wasn't that you picked the bad apple of the lot it's that you couldn't accept anyone at face value. So you kept pushing and drilling for an answer to a question that had been answered long before the second date. But, it wasn't good enough. Nothing is ever good enough until it's long gone and you realize what you threw away.
So you close yet another chapter with the same sad, confused and frustrated feeling and again you promise yourself that you will not repeat the same offense in the future. You cross your fingers, hit send and walk away bittersweet. Knowing you most likely will never speak again and that the memories you do have will remain in your heart and hopefully be a stepping-stone for those to follow.

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