Thursday, March 31, 2011

Dead End

My life should be made into a book! Ohh, it has somewhat become one. lol
Well, there's never a dull moment with me. I have been talking to someone for about two weeks now.(Met her on a dating site) We "talked" about three weeks prior to exchanging numbers. I knew she was recently divorced and didn't want any commitments. We had great conversations and to add to it she was very beautiful. From the start, she said "these dating sites are a joke." "I would NEVER meet anyone from here." So as our talks continue, we realize we have so much in common so there was only one thing to do...MEET.
It was a daytime meet, in a public place (the mall), I did the girly thing and went shopping (or I walked with her as she shopped). Conversation was ever better in person. As time passed, we both got hungry, so I suggested we have dinner. Usually it's only a "meet and greet" , but the comfort level was high, so the date went on. After finishing eating we realized we were there for 3 hours! Time passed effortlessly. She then said she didn't want this night to end. I was somewhat shocked, but was right there with her. We then went to a sports-bar and stayed there much longer. We both had things to do the next day, so we parted ways. The texts were flowing as we both headed our separate ways.
From that day forth, we did the "good morning's", "how's your day", "what's for lunch", and much more. There wasn't a day that passed without talking every couple hours. The following weekend, we played tennis, had brunch, and even a few dinners. she then asked "hey, don't you like to cook? can we just have dinner at your place, and maybe a movie?" I didn't have to think twice! "YUP, sounds like a plan". I then did what every bachelor does when someone is coming to your house....... I went nuts cleaning!! I even bought a new vaccum.LOL. I bought all the new air-fresheners, lit some candles, set the dimmers a little lower, and freaked out!! she was coming over here! My place was a mess (well, not really) but I wanted to impress.
Dinner was flawless, candles were just right, and everything was falling in place. I popped the movie in and noticed the body language was a little different (sign 1). I didn't think too much about it until I looked again, and BAM!..she was asleep.(sign 2) No holding hands, no kisses ever exchanged, and when there was physical contact, it was quickly corrected (sign 3). Thse signs kept adding up, but I didn't think twice..We went out several times,she was recently need to rush anything.
The following few days she wanted to see me again so we hung out. Here's where I picked up on a big one...She was telling a cute story and all of a sudden she asked "what are you thinking?" I wanted to be honest, so I told her "at that moment I wanted to give you a kiss (not a deep, passionate one, a pop-kiss) She then looked around and said "what! here?" I figured because we were eating at a public place, she didn't want to be embarrassed (public display of affection). Again I should have thought something was up, but nope.
Today I had hit my limit of small-talk and was curious as to what I was seeing/hearing. I told her "recently I saw you using the word "friend" when we talked", and even when you texted a few times, you mentioned "I am glad to have a (friend) like you". So am I a "friend" or something more? She replies "well, you havent hit the friend level just yet, but you're pretty close". WTF? I thought to myself.....she then tells me I usually don't consider someone a "friend" for a while, but you're different". Ok, I'm getting really confused at this point. She then goes on to tell me she is glad we met, and it's tough to find a guy who only wants to "hang out" and not try to get laid. She goes on to say how comfortable I have made her feel to have a guy who only wants to chill, and expects nothing in return. OK AT THIS POINT I WAS LOST!! DID SHE THINK I WAS GAY OR SOMETHING??? nope! She then goes on and asked "why? did you want more?" Hell yea, I want a girlfriend, or at least know I'm working towards that point. She then askes "why would you ever think that?" ahahha!! well..... we did meet on a DATING SITE,not a HANG OUT site. She then responds "didn't you see I only wanted to hang out?" Nope! I never looked, and as things were progressing, I thought it was in natural order for someone who wanted to take things slow. Well......what it comes down to is that I cancelled a few REAL DATES, to meet and HANG OUT with someone who never wanted a relationship to begin with. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAH!!! boy do I feel dumb! I guess when I/some people want something so badly the overlook certain things, but looking back all the signs were there!
The Man

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