Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mixed Signals

After some of you read my last blog, you may have thought "what an idiot", but I need to add some more details.

She NEVER mentioned this fact to me. When we met, she told me she was happy I was that cute (her words), She said I looked better in person, Loved my eyes, and more! Plus here were a few other "mixed signals" : Introduces me to her mom, showed me where she lives, offered a massage (just a regular one..not the "happy-ending" kind), told me I have to meet her friends, told her friends about me, when she fell asleep, it was in my lap, fed me a few times while we ate, bought me a shirt, and some more I cant think of right now. Does this sound like a "hang out" buddy to you? or was she truly interested? I have no idea! Why all these mixed signals? or do I want a relationship so badly I created this to be more than what it was? I do have tons of female friends, but usually these things are never done. There is a line that is never crossed, and usually stated form the beginning. I think the situation is extremely funny, but was I getting mixed signals?

Let’s be honest: Dating is full of uncertainty. In fact, that’s what makes it exciting (occasionally disappointing). It’s the waiting to see if someone will call—or fall for you, for that matter. Sometimes, though, the signals can get a little too confusing. And, that situation can be worse than a brush-off, since you’re not sure whether to hang on or cut bait. I guess I will never figure out the woman's mind!
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