Sunday, March 20, 2011

Is Your Man a Keeper?

I saw this tonight and had to re-post it. Are these the signs a man is a "keeper"? If so, you be the judge if I am a "keeper". As I read this I swear I touched on a good amount of these in my blogs, but maybe I didn't. A woman also wrote this, so I would be interested if this is what you are looking for? What do women want? Please feel free to tell me. I love to learn.

In the complicated world of love and relationship how can a woman recognize if her guy is a keeper? You think you have found "the one" but you are not sure. Although there are no hard and fast rules about what makes a Mr. Right, here are 10 widely accepted signs that say your guy may be a keeper.

1. His energy barometer is the same as yours.
The possibility of a long-term relationship exists if you and your guy have the same energy level. If you enjoy being active, going for walks, hiking and the like and he enjoys being on the go, then your relationship is in the long-term zone.

2. Respect
Here are few behaviors that show he respects you

* He accepts that you have a life of your own and does not invade your privacy.
* He's comfortable when you read your text messages in front of him - even if he does not know who sent them.
* He's not jealous when you spend time with your family and friends.
* He does not feel he is entitled to go everywhere with you.
* When he calls and you don't answer the phone - he does not assume you are up to no good.
* He lets you know if he's going to be late.
* If you have children - he does not compete with them for your attention.

3. He's your # 1 Fan
If your guy nurtures your confidence, applauds your accomplishments, and his words and actions give you those "feel good" feelings - yeah, he's a keeper all right.

4. He's all grown up
Your guy is on top of his game. He's not a whiny, blaming others, hating his family and ex girl friends. He knows who is - knows what he wants and taking action to create his dream life. This is a guy you will be having fun with.

5. Inconveniences himself for you
Let's face it, life happens and sometimes the unexpected can wreak havoc with your day. If you need his help and you call him when he's asleep or when he's doing something of importance - he goes into the "I want to help you" mode and his creative mind finds a way to help you.

6. He is kind
Even though he may not have a child or a pet - when he comes in contact with an unhappy child or a sick animal - he shows genuine concern and he shows respect for the elderly.

7. He keeps his word
When I was growing up my mother's mantra "your word is your bond" still echoes in my mind. If your guy makes a concerted effort to keep his word - take him home to meet your family.

8. Spends time with your family and friends
He accepts that your family and friends are an important part of your life - he factors time into his schedule - to occasionally spend time with them.

9. Pays attention to you
It's your mom's birthday and he remembers her favorite restaurant and surprises you both by driving there. The way to a woman's heart is through her mother.

10. Accepts your quirky habits
You like to sleep with your feet outside the blanket. You only eat your salad if it's room temperature. Quirky yes, but your Mr. Right does not care. He accepts you just the way you are.

There are many more signs that could signify that the man in your life is a keeper. I hope these help with your decision. If he's a keeper, celebrate what you have in common and embrace the differences. These differences will make your relationship more vibrant.
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