Sunday, March 20, 2011

Q & A with The Man

Dear reader who posted this question:
"I have been reading and following this for a little while and have a question for The Man. You're here talking about how women are or are not dating material. But the question is; are you, The Man, dating material? I think not since you're already in your mid 30s and still not settled down, from what I've read. It seems like you are a fun guy, willing to try anything and everything, but not a keeper. You're just for fun. But would like your answer."
I must say I actually smiled as soon as I read this and am glad someone had the balls to ask.
Am I/the Man a "keeper"? I would have to say, I couldn’t answer that question. Do I "think" I am...It depends whom you ask. I will say this...I have been on many dates, many long and short-term relationships, and 80% have wanted much more from me. They thought I was a "keeper" and scared me off! Let me give you a few examples. I meet someone; we "click" I am really into her, but within weeks/sometimes days already planning our futures together. Some have asked "how soon would you have a kid with me" or told me they "love" me in no time at all. Most of these women are just so happy to meet someone halfway normal, they are ready to do anything to keep me. Another way to judge if I am a "keeper" would be to ask everyone I’ve dated. I assume if you knew me, you would realize I am a decent guy. The number of ex-girlfriends whom still consider me a friend, and ask my advice at times also reflects this. How many people do you know that have 90% of their ex-girlfriends on their facebook, or remain friends after a break-up? That has to at least say we all split on good terms, right? I’m not a dick, and very honest, but am I a "keeper" depends on your list of requirements. I think we all have someone just perfect for us. It just takes time to realize what you really want out of your partner. You have to realize I write to give "my/the man" point of view. This does not reflect all males, but I would imagine a good percent agree with me. I have not read many men disagreeing with what I’ve written, but I'm sure there are some who think I'm nuts. In life people have different standards, morals, ideas, and so much more... I hope what I write did not upset you, but I must say I only tend to get upset when things are hitting home. Did I touch on something inside of you in one of my blogs? Am I correct in anything I am writing? Who knows! It’s just my point of view. I appreciate asking me, and wish I had more to answer your question. I have to tell you, I only write bits and pieces of my life, but I know I am judged upon that alone. I have entered a blog where I am the only man in a world of bad relationships. I expected some backlash from day one and will take it in stride. I don’t think too many men would be willing to write about their thoughts, feelings, or ideas to over 37,000 people. All I can do is try. I will look into this more and answer any future questions as well. Hope this helps.
The Man

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