Sunday, November 28, 2010

Speak Now

Alright who are you people reading the Soap Opera Drama post from way back in June? Now it's just annoying. What makes this one stick out from the three hundred other ones? Can you at least read another post from that month too? I will agree that some of our funniest writing was done during that month. But of all the posts in June I don't believe Soap Opera Drama was the best. Many afterwards, like Dude, What's Your Answer?, Glass Heart, Scam Artists, The Great Debate, Life Altered - The Butterfly Effect and Fun Girl Tell All are among my favorites from that month.
The majority of the posts in April and May exposed the vulnerable side and bittersweet reality of what happens after you are pushed off the cliff. Jump around if you prefer, but please at least read more than one post from a month. We wouldn't want you to get the wrong impression about who we are and what we are doing on here.

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