Saturday, November 6, 2010

Fallen Angel

The fun is in the chase. The game is over when you run away for the chance at an airbrushed existence. I thought I had found everything I had ever dreamed for in a man and a life that seemed ideal. But, we had gone from flirtation to passion and talks about saying I do and skipped over getting to really know one another. There are certain quirks that I have briefly seen that make me second-guess what my heart thinks it wants.
I have a thing about people following through with projects they take on. If you agree to do something do it in a timely manner. If you can't get to it say so. Don't make me out to be the bad guy because I keep asking if it's completed.
In order to get to be the boss you will make enemies along the way and in most cases you will sacrifice your personal life to excel in your profession. There is nothing wrong with this and I've been played before so I should have spotted the signs earlier. I wanted to believe his words and a part of me still does, but how can I now?
I am an independent person and I pride myself on this. While I do at times think it's appropriate for the man to take control of a situation and act as a protector of sorts I certainly don't approve of a man being a controlling freak.
I found out today that McDreamy is considering moving to Europe to oversee a project. It would be neat to live there, but I'm not going to repeat Carrie and the Russian. Which I fear is exactly what would happen since I don't know anyone there and I wouldn't have a job. I'm not a housewife and I certainly don't intend to uproot my life just because someone says I love you.

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