Friday, November 12, 2010

Granny J

I’m going to be a Grandma… Holy Shit!!!! I’m only 32. Granny J is my name at this stage. I have been floored again. For anyone that remembers when I first started to write on here I mentioned that I have a good relationship with one of JSR’s daughters who lives kind of in the outback of Australia. Well next week she has her high school graduation and is valedictorian. So we have planned for months that I would drive the 1200km out there to attend. JSR however is not attending. So accommodation is sorted, I have purchased a prepaid mobile for the only network which works out there and have pretty much worked out my very long trip there and back. Good thing I have cruise control. So in our texting yesterday she mentions that she won’t be staying at the after party for long, as she can’t drink. My response being “why can’t you drink? You’re not pregnant are you? Lol” And her reply had me spinning. She wanted to tell me in person but of course I busted that. I do worry, as she doesn’t have the best relationship with her Mother. And JSR could not possibly act adult enough to support her in the way that she will need. And I guess the biggest thing is that she is 17. She told me that they are both so happy about this but it is going to change their lives forever. In ways that they never thought about. This trip is going to be massive. Not only in terms of the 12 hour solo drive each way but also in the conversation I have to have with my daughter, which will include my failed marriage with her father. She did mention yesterday that JSR keeps telling her that I won’t show up. I would like to know where he gets off telling her what I will and won’t do. But I love this girl and care about her as if she were my own. And I feel the same back from her. I am so looking forward to this….
I think it will be like a Twilight Zone when I get into town out there. I’ll walk into the pub and the music will stop, everyone will stop mid drink and stare. I need something witty to say… Suggestions????
Aussie Gal

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