Thursday, November 25, 2010

I Heart You Too

The holiday season always brings out the romantic in me. When I think back on the events of the past year I can't believe what has happened in such a short period of time. I fear that my heart will get broken again, but I've decided it's worth the risk.
I was blessed with a wake up call last summer and after months of mentally debating I have decided not to give it another shot with Andy. A part of me wants to try, but the list of cons outweighs the positives. He talks about being different, but his actions of recent show me that if anything he is worse than before. There are moments when all is well, but now that everything is out in the open all can never be well again. It's hard to let go of a life that once was full of laughter and smiles, but in its place now are concrete walls and jokers running wild.
I have not accepted McD's proposal just yet. I too was totally taken by surprise when he put his heart on the table. It's to soon to tell if the affection can blossom into a lasting love. It is comforting on bad days to know somewhere in the world there is someone who cares for me. But, that's just it he's not here and most likely never will be. How can we have a relationship, let alone a marriage and kids with a geographical challenge? Just as I won't move for a man, I would never want a guy to put a love interest in front of his career. It will always backfire down the road.
2010 was a dramatic year and 2011 will likewise be filled with changes and new highs and lows. Perhaps a marriage or two as well.
Gobble, gobble. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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